Life as we know it


I was a little scared about the whole blog thing because everyone will know your business its like posting your journal online (yikes). I guess its one way to showcase and celebrate your life so here goes nothin.
We live in SLC I work at PEI I'm customer service for a coaching program. Chris started school last semester and took a brake for summer, I'm hoping to go back next semester to finish what I started which was a BA in Social Work. Griff is such a boy he is my rock of sunshine, literally the kid weighs like 33 pounds but he is such a ball of energy and joy I love him to death.
Recently Chris' Grandpa Dick passed away so we have been with his family these past weeks its nice to hang out with family but sad that we only do it because of such an occasion as someone passing away. This picture is Griff with his Grandpa, Dick would always give Griff five dollars everytime he saw him, we'll miss you Dick.
Its been an eye opener to what life is all about.


Lindsay said...

Wow Tiffany so fun to hear from you!! You are your little family are so cute! I didn't know you were back in Salt Lake. Your little boy is adorable! Blogs are funny...like you said its kind of weird posting a journal so everyone can see...but it's been so fun to keep in touch with people I probably otherwise wouldn't have, so I've really enjoyed it! Anyway, lets keep in touch for sure!

Carole Ann & Jon said...

Yeah! Welcome to the band wagon! Griff is so cute. i cant wait to read your blog (journal).

The Linds said...

Hey! I found your blog thru Tamara's and thought I would add you if you don't mind!

Robyn Reynolds said...

Hi Tiffany. It is good to hear from you. Your family is very cute. We should be blogging buddies from now on :)

The Linds said...

Hey! Yeah, we are moving next week! I'm very excited =) Cute pics on your blog!!