Cheap Pink Machine

So a little back ground I wanted really bad to start sewing and late one night on QVC I saw the cutest little pink sewing machine so I bought it. Well..... a few shirts and a few curtains later it stopped working, when of course I wanted to start sewing quilts. So good thing for Joan, she let us use her machine and then my Mom flew hers out so us girls could use it so thank goodness for nice expensive machines because I wouldnt of been able to sew the quilt with my little cheap pink machine!


Gavin, Laura, and Sydney said...

Hi Tiffany! It's Laura (Bedke) Hansen. I'm so glad you found me! I'll put you on "my list" on my blog too! Don't you just love the blogging world?!? It's so nice to find people and keep in touch!

Carole Ann & Jon said...

Your so random.. can you teach me to quilt??

KyleandAmanda said...

Tiffany! Thanks for your blog address. Griff is so adorable! You look so good! I am so proud of you for running a marathon, and wasn't it you who hated running! I had to watch to see who Deona picked as well and like you I was so happy to see them together!