4th Of July........Favorite Holiday

Everyone might like Christmas or Halloween, but I like the 4th of the July the best. Think about it, its summer/ summer night so its perfect weather. Its an excuse to have a barbeque or just eat good food! You can stay up late in a park with total strangers and for one purpose, to watch colored fire!!! Its great time to spend with family and friends ( or strangers). There is always traffic after the fire show and who doesn't like crusing in their car at night listening to good music with good company! Its all to celebrate our freedom, or as Ray would say " Happy screw the British Day"!! I will admit that the parade made me cry it always does because you think about all of the people out there celebrating our freedom and remembering the people who chose and were willing to fight for our freedom... Ok enough so here are some pictures of the long weekend. I should mention that one of them is Griffin with his head in the blanket he was soo scared of the fireworks he kept saying "done, done, done" and "go in truck, go in truck"

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Angela's Crazy Daily's said...

That is so funny! I love griff! Tell him that we need to have a tickle play day again! And I totally agree with the fourth of july thing! I LOVE BEING FREE! :)