This is a tradition for our family, well my little family and then Tam's big family (yes three kids is considered big to me)! We go to the one in Ogden because its less crowded then the SLC one and we are just biased we think the food is better even though we haven't been to the SLC one, go figure. Anyways its always soooooo good and delicious and the kids like the cotton candy afterwards of course! Can't wait til next year !
On a side note my kid eats tooooo much much to much candy and sugar! Obviously as parents we give it to him but I didn't realize how addicted my child is. He will wake up in the morning and the first thing he says is "I want choclet". The kid has a serious problem, so he is going through withdrawals right now, hopefully his dad is not giving him candy while I speak! Best advice I could give to any parent or future parent don't give your kid candy until they are 3, seriously save you a lot of fits at the grocery store, let me tell you and what is up with candy and gum at EVERY SINGLE isle when you check out. Its ridiculous and such a marketing tool because they know ever kid is going to pass through there and at eye level see every candy imaginable! So every single time we go to the store its a crying mess while we check out because he wants candy! So don't even let them know what it is until they are 3 or 4.

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