Grandma and Grandpas 80th !!!

This post is for you Mom and I guess the rest of the family because you all live so far away. So here is who came and the blanket. I didn't get a very good pictures of the blanket but I will soon hopefully. I tried to get a picture of every one but I think I missed a few people though. Enjoy!!! If you click on the picture it should blow it up incase you want to see the blanket close up.

Brad and Grandpa with Xander
Marissa and Becky, Marissa sang a song to Grandpa called my Moms Hero or something it was really cute, I cried and probably was the only who was crying.

Marissa, Becky, Kelly and Beckys daughter I forget her name.

Blonca and Ann with Lori's baby I think.

Kelly about to pop!

Melissa and Jared next to Scott.

Brad, Tam
Mindy and Loris babies

Dash and Grandpa

Lois and Mindys Baby

The blanket

Grandma fixing my work.

Elva Jean and Brent they were sick so they stayed outside.
Grandma and Rev

Andrea and Mindy Baby

The blanket, Crystal your picture is the left hand square, it turned out really funny. Grandma forgot about that whole experience, she still can't remember it to this day.

Anne made this cake!

Mindy's oldest, then Heathers oldes, then Andreas oldest and Jessicas oldest.

Andreas youngest is the new kid and Griffin is at the end.

Jessicas husband Dave and their youngest child. Jessica is expecting another girl.

Jessica with Andreas and Mindy kids

Heather and her daughter.


Angela's Crazy Daily's said...

How fun! I love big family get togethers like that! Your blanket is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I saw my square! Good work, tiffy poo poo and that one with grandma fixing your work is hilarious