Cup Cakes!

I talked to my little sister who is actually not my sister, and remembered one of our great adventures we had recently and I had to share it. Now it might not be as funny when I tell it but you have to know we were dying of laughter at the time.
(This will be long because I'm at work and bored)
So it all started when Anna mentioned that she LOVES these cupcakes she found in Logan and I was all excited because Chris and I found this awesome cupcake shop down the street which were very little expensive things but very very tasty. By the time we decided to actually get up and go and find cupcakes it was pretty late so we were hopeful that the cake shop ( on 8th between state and main I think) would still be open and of course to our dismay it was closed. Well we didn't want to be defeated and go home without a cupcake so Anna "googled" cupcake shops in SLC. Sweet we found one and Anna decided to call them to make sure they were open before we made the trip. Now the conversation to she had with the "shop" should have given us some clue but instead we just laughed and set our eyes on the prize. Well here is how the conversation went.
Anna- "Hi, we were wondering if you guys are still open?"
Lady-" Open for what?"
Anna- "You sale cupcakes right?"
Lady-" Oh yeah how many people are coming?"
Anna- "Just me and my friend we shouldn't take to long if you are closing"
Lady_"No, that's fine I'll make a batch right now"
Umm ok, so we didn't think much about how weird that conversation was and how someone can be at a store and ask what there open for. We just laughed and were excited we would finally get a cupcake for the night.
Well she told us the address and the closer we got I was thinking it was like the industrial part of town and sure enough it was, there were car part shops and all kinds of weird places but we couldn't find this cupcake shop so Anna decided to call the crazy lady back and get more details. So were driving on the street where the supposed shop is and on the phone with the cupcake lady and telling her I think you must have given us the wrong address. She proceeds to say its before the tire shop as Me and Anna look and drive towards the tire shop all slow like we see some lady outside her fenced junky yard on her phone waving us down. We both look at each other like, does that lady know us, should we know this lady. She tells Anna that we past her and its kind of under construction. Ok, we finally got the hint that this shop is a house. So now were like freaked out and feel like we can't not go in and see what the "construction" meaning somewhat of a cupcake shop inside looks like right. So we are looking at each other just about to burst out with laughter as this lady, her sister and her dogs open her fenced gate and tell us to come inside.
They proceed to tell us that there starting their own catering business as they invite us in. Mind you I have Griff with us as well who of course hears the word cupcakes and won't get that sweet idea out of his head so is freaking out because he wants a cupcake. We follow this lady in her house and its so dirty, looked like it had never seen a vacuum, yeah I know that's mean but the truth hurts. This guy is sitting on the floor playing a video game and trying not to look at us because he is probably just as embarrassed. This is a small house so we are trying not to crowd his view of the TV. Now when I first walked in a could smell cupcakes so i said mmmm it smells good! Until I was there for a min longer and could smell some feces of some animal kind and look over to see this huge cage with a ferret that's cage was clearly not cleaned. So the more I took in the environment the more the smell got worse of gross pee, dirt, animal hair and more. ( no offense to animal lovers). So she brings us out 2 mini cupcakes on a paper plate and Anna hurries to pay the lady so we can get out. We act all nice and say "good luck with your business," and the Lady acts all nice and says "hope you like the cupcakes!" HOLY CRAP! we could not contain our laughter and was cracking up and Griffs in the back seat saying I want cupcakes! Well dang it we weren't about to eat them so I gave them to Griff who devoured them.
If they were poiseness I probably would have killed my son, and who in there right mind puts an add on Google to advertise cupcakes cooked out of their dirty, cluttered kitchens. We couldn't believe what just happened and we still hadn't eaten a cup cake all night. And are still on cupcake deprivation!
Moral of the story, watch out for Google also don't be so desperate for cupcakes!
Just like I said one of the many adventures of Tiff an Anna we seem to find our selves in the strangest of situations!


Marilyn said...

Tiff...that story totally cracked me up! That's hilarious!

Brit said...

That's so funny :) Too bad you didn't have a camera so you could sneak some pics of the place :) I wanna know, how much did these cupcakes cost?

Gavin, Laura, and Sydney said...

That is a totally crazy story!!! Thanks for sharing!

Carole Ann & Jon said...

That is the funniest story EVER! And i can totally just see it playing out! You are crazy!! Ummm.. i want a cup cake!

Cryssie-issie-issie-issie said...

HAHAHAHAH i totally would have eaten it. Totally.