"The only constant is CHANGE"

I don't know who said it but, it's true, change is the only constant.
The change in my life has been approaching for some time now but it's actually happening
I'm about to be single once again
Yep for all those slow folks we are in the process of a divorce
I think its funny when people say "I'm so sorry"
because those words should be coming out of his mouth not your's
I know it's like a reaction to say sorry but really you have nothing to be sorry about
How about "how is that working for you?"
Really, it's a good thing i'm excited for the next chapter called my life
Can't wait,
love my
because now i'm CREATING it
and existance
Get ready for the new ME


Angela's Crazy Daily's said...

I am so glad that you posted! Tiff you are one of a kind! I seriously look up to you alot! You are so up beat and positive! I love you and think you rock my socks off!


jessica&john.com said...

It sounds like your life is experiencing Spring. A time of renewal and hope...Good for you! I look forward to seeing what blooms in your life's garden.
PS. Love the new background.

Chelsea said...

I soooo agree!!! Everyone used to say "oh my goodness it must be horrible to be a single mum with 4 kids" and I was like actually it was horrible being married to a looser! I wish you the best on this chapter, I loved my single chapter with my kids, it was peaceful and chaotic and wonderful!