Guess what I have stashed in my closet?

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I'm kicking off my blogging posts with this funny true life snap shot of our world.

We went to the "walmart is the devil" store, go watch the movie. We don't go often because of this movie and because of other reasons. We are scoping the store looking for something. When Chris comes across the clearance end cap where everything is $1.00! There were an assortment of shampoos, brushes, then the rest of the shelves were filled with tampons and not just any tampons, the tampons that I happen to use. Which normally cost $7.00 dollars a box. Chris was way more stocked about this then I was. Chris suggested I get a few boxes, so while he is browsing. I was thinking this is a hell of a deal, unless for some reason they are a dollar because they are defected or have already been opened or something. But I should really get EVERY SINGLE BOX that is on the shelve. So I fill our now full cart, full of tampons. Chris comes back and says "ooohh, you got all them huh" he was so embarrassed that first off, the only thing in our cart were tampons, and second that it was full of tampons. I had to push the cart because he refused and when people looked at us even just a glance. He was like "oh no they are looking at the tampons"
This is the guy who hates to buy toilet paper because he doesn't want people to know he poops or something. So we go to check out and of course we get a male checker.
Chris tells me to tell the checker that this should hold me over for the week. As if that would make the situation less embarrassing, I wasn't about to say that to the guy.

So now my closet is full of tampons and yes they work.
I saved myself a good $70.00 dollars that day.
I guess sometimes the devil has good deals worth crossing over to the dark side for. Lol


Carole Ann & Jon said...

totally worth it!!! Good job. And can you please fill us in with your life?

KyleandAmanda said...

That is a great deal! Glad that you are back in the blogging world!

Lindsay said...

What the crap that is such a deal! I love the pearls. Seriously, $1 a box?? I wish I could have got in on that!

Chelsea said...

love it!!!! hilarious!