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The update you've all been waiting for, I think.

Chris left for the Basic Training middle of January and we filled for divorce shortly after that. The Army is a funny thing, it either makes you or breaks you. I was hoping it would make him but thought it would surely break him. Chris finished Basic and was stationed in Monterey California waiting for his language classes to begin. He had a few days off in July and wanted to come back to Utah to visit Griffin (and I) before his classes because he would have no time off to visit once they started. About a month leading up to his July visit he would call me all the time and tell me how great he is, and how we should start dating again. I didn't want any part of it and didn't want to look back. I didn't think any body could change just because they went to Basic Training. However, I finally started listening to him and was wanting and curious to see if anything had changed.

He arrived in Utah and we pretty much hung out the whole nine days he was here. He was adorable, he was strong, and confident. He had this new outlook on life, he was happy, he was full of life, he had goals, he actually liked to excercise, he was a better father, he was inshape, he watched what he ate, he wasn't on any medications. He was finally himself, he was finally sound, he finally grew up and had his head on straight. I was not expecting to feel the way I felt when I saw him and I was not expecting the army to break him down and build him back.

Well then reality hit, we talked about getting married again CRAZY, CRAZY, CRAZY. It felt right, he was the man I married the first time, almost six years early. Life got crazy for four of those years. He lost himself he lost site on life. But he was back and better then ever I couldn't just walk away. I knew that if we got married that he would work harder at being a father and a husband, that he wouldn't quite or give up on anything.

Then while talking with my sister and telling her how bizarre this is that i would want to marry him again. She said, "well, he is going to be in school for the next year and won't be able to leave. He is leaving back to CA in two days, so really the only time to get married is tomorrow" lol, she was right. I wasn't about to date him long distance, he's in the Army so we don't need anymore long distance time, we will have plenty of those possibly in our future. It came down to two days. I made a few phone calls and had everyone asking me if this is what I want. I wouldn't do it unless i wanted it. Of course it was what I wanted. No really knows what that like getting married to your first husband for the second time. It just doesn't happen all that often. Unless your on Desperate House wives....My family had mixed emotions and people were shocked, but so was I. I never pictured myself marrying him again. But this was my life and I know what makes me happy so I went for it. We had many support us and thank you all those that did. Especially those that prayed for us while we were divorced. We are blessed to have so many loving faces.

We like to say that our divorce saved our marriage. But it was a combination of things including the Army, the Army was the best thing to happen to him at the right time.

This is actually our third marriage technically. First, was Las Vegas Drive threw, so we are no strangers to quick weddings. Second, in the Salt Lake City Temple. Third, a Native American Blanket Ceremony.

Griff was so happy it was adorable, I mean what kid doesn't want there divorced parents to get back together right.

It was awesome, we actually had vows this time and they were beautiful.

I'm the luckiest girl around to have such an amazing husband!

We are now in Monterey California it's a fairy tale here. We live two blocks from the beach. A block from the biggest/coolest park in the world. We get to see all kinds of beautiful tropical plants and flowers everyday. Chris is learning Thai and we are getting used to Army life and loving it so far.

Cheers to holding out for what you deserve and having it come back to you


Angela's Crazy Daily's said...

Yes I love updates! I am so ecstatic for all three of you! You better keep the updates comin! Love ya!

farm chick said...

We were wondering what was going on!

Good job, you guys look happy - so I am happy for you :)

Love you Tiff

Laura said...

Wow! Great story. Happy to hear it all... but it's totally crazy that you live in Monterey-- I live in Prunedale! We are in the Prunedale ward, which meets in Seaside. Sounds like you live near Dennis the Mennis? Well, I'd love to see you sometime... how old is your little boy? I have a 3 1/2 yr old daughter and a 1 yr old son. Let me know if you want to get together or if you ever need anything!

SisterBrendy said...

Just happened upon your blog while browsing and read about your happiness in remarrying your husband. Just wanted to pass along my warm thoughts for the blessings that now surround your family as you begin your new journey. God Bless........