Bad Hair Cuts are a humbling experience

I was soo sick of my Hair and my regular hairdresser is gone to Disney Land forever. I couldn't take it any longer and Kat lives in freakin WY, so I had no choice but to take things in my own hands. So I got a recommendation from a girl , who's hair is really cute, she told me to go to her hair dresser. But she didn't know what she was doing because I gave her these pictures and ended up looking like nothing I've ever seen before. I wish I had a picture, I had Ang's sister fix my hair the very next morning. Which I don't know why I didn't go to her sister in the first place, it would of saved me a lot of time and money. But anyways I came out looking like "The Brady bunch mom"-Chris Opheikens " My hair cut when I was eight"- Chris Opheikens.. Needless to say it was bad, Ang's sister did a good job fixing what she could work with.

So the lesson I learned don't go to any other hair dresser then the one you know.

I am not my hair! Thats a big one, yeah my hair doesn't look the greatest but who cares, it doesn't make me less of who I am!

Lesson learned!


KyleandAmanda said...

I just got a bad hair cut as well, but it sounds like yours is worse! I am so sorry there is nothing worse then a bad haircut! Luckily it always grows back. You are going to have to post a picture!

Courtney and Randy said...

Hey Tiffany. I'm glad you found me! You have such a cute family. It looks like you guys are doing great. I have had the bad haircut experience before and learned the same lesson - stick with who you know.

Carole Ann & Jon said...

Oh dear Tiff... it cant be that bad. I want to see what your hair looks like now..!

Lindsay said...

I have also had a bad haircut experience, it's the worst! I wish you would have taken a picture, that would have been fun to see! :)

So I set our blog to private, so if you could email me your email address I will send you an invite - lindsayferguson226@gmail.com. thanks!