Good Eats

So, if you don't already know, which you don't I know, because we couldn't find this anywhere in Utah. Its the best salsa seriously, we could only find it on ebay so if you really like sauces for like eggs and really anything, look this up and BUY IT. You won't be disappointed we bought 6 bottles!! (Chris goes overboard when he buys things, always has to come in multiples so we can give a bottle to everyone we know). Crystal by the way you forgot yours, no worries I will mail it out to you.

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Anonymous said...

Your hot skinny bitch of a sister is waiting for her hot skinny bottle of bitchin' salsa. This is not crystal talking because no way would she call something "bitchin'"....out loud. Here is her address: 2226 ritter st, philadelphia, pa 19125.