July 24

I don't think I have ever celebrated the 24th of July except this year. We saw two firework shows at the same time. We live by the Franklin Covey Field so we saw the Bees Game fireworks and Liberty Park fireworks. Griff wasn't to fond of them, no surprise there.
Oh and Happy Late Birthday Rikki, hope you got our fabulous card!

We finally went swimming in our community pool for the first time this summer, however it would be more fun if my kid actually went in the pool.
If anyone has advice on getting your child to like the swimming pool please let me know how that works. Griff LOVES the bath tub and only in his bath tub, so if we go to Tams house its no bueno, only if its his bath tub. And then when we go to the pool he will just sit in the water and relax like an old man. It drives me crazy because I know he loves the water he just wont even try to get in. Anyway so here are the pictures of old man Griff!


KyleandAmanda said...

I don't think I have ever celebrated the 24 before. Kasen is the same as Griff he is a little chicken when it comes to swimming! I have just taken him over and over and gradually he does better. Good Luck!

Brit said...

I love the pictures of Griff, what a freaking stud.

Clark Family said...

What great pictures of Griff!! I love it!! And I love your hair Tiff!

James said...

Tiff! I didn't know you guys had a blog! Griff looks like a little model chillin' in the pool. You can take a peek at our blog if you like: theajduo.blogspot.com
You guys look great!

Lisa said...

Griff is going to be a little hottie when he grows up. Blonde hair brown eyes. Best combo! I was reading about how you got married. My favorite part of the story is Tamara's version when you guys were visiting them at their house and nobody knew you were even hitched. I can just see it now. "Oh yeah, by the way we're married." lol

Lindsay said...

I love the picutures of him kicking back in the pool, so cute!