Chris likes to buy tickets to concerts and surprise me this time it was Jack Johnson, which was awesome might i have to say! We had the grass seats but we pushed our way forward and found a little spot to dance and jam out while everyone looked at us like we were crazy. I don't think we stopped moving the whole time. Jack introduced some guy, which I wish I could remember his name but he played the accordian it was such a good, funky, fun song so if anyone was there and knows who I'm talking about let me know? The traffic was horrible to we even left a little big early and was still in traffic for an hour but thats all part of the experience! Chris bought me and my two sisters ticket to Dave Matthews but one of them died so we didn't get to go its still post poned but i'm sure it would have been fun.


Clark Family said...

Yea for Jack Johnson! I loved his concert!

Brit said...

you guys are so cute! tell Chris what up gansta C >>> :)

Tamara Cobb said...

One of your sisters died...oh well...I guess the concert will have to be postponed.