Good'ol Lagoon

So my Aunt was in town and she is the crazy Aunt who loves to do anything fun so we decided to tag along with her husband and two adorable twin girls to Lagoon. I haven't been there for so long, it was a lot of fun, I forgot how scary rollercoaster are! It was pretty sweet because Lorene's husband Mike is in a wheel chair so we basically got the hook up( thanks Mike), and got to cut in line on some of the rides and even go twice in a row on most of them so that made it all more fun!
Well Chris decided that we NEEDED to go on the Catipult "ride". Yeah its just like it sounds you sit in the ball and they fling you upward like a sling shot, it was ridiculously fun but it didn't last that long so that was disappointing. I guess being shot in the air and falling back down can't last very long but still. So when your husband tells you your going on what looks like a crazy, scary ride just go along with it and act like it was no big deal. Trust me he'll think the world of you!!

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