Griffin Quay Opheikens

This kid cracks me up, he has so much personality its crazy, and so much energy I guess thats why they call it the terrible two's because they can't hold still or stop talking so you could say thats terrible I say its annoying some times but most the time its adorable and you can't help but laugh and think that you have the cutest kid on the planet. I'm sure we all think that right? Well this little munchkin just turned the big 2 so we had a little party for him at our club house, we went swimming and he actually liked it for most the time the other time he was sticking his little chubby hands down those holes that catch all the garbage! This post is to my sweet, hugable, smart, funny, charming, fantastic two year old. Love you Smooshy


S&J Jones Family said...

Hey Tiffany! I saw you on Amanda's blog and I just wanted to say hi!! I read your haircut story and I totally agree. I just cut my hair too (you can see it on my blog) and it doesn't look like the picture I showed her. I can't find anyone here I like that cuts hair. My blog is: www.sjjonesfamily.blogspot.com

KyleandAmanda said...

Isn't two a great age (sometimes)! I think that Kasen and Griff would be two crazies together! I spend more time running after him then I do watching him! I love that Chris buys you tickets and surprises you! That is so cute. He is so nice and thoughtful. Hope you guys are doing good! I love and miss you!


Hey, you should take more pictures of your kid hanging from a shopping cart! That picture is hilarious... this is Chris by the way. Howz youz beez?