Google It Tag

Go to google images and type in your own answers for the topics below. Pick your favorite image on the first 3 pages of results and post it. (Try to do a different image than these if you have the same answer).

My First Name:

My Middle Name: Lorene after my Mom's twin sister!

Favorite Food:

My Grandmas Name: Louise

A Dog I Grew Up With: Puffy the Mut, that we tortured like CRAZY!

My Age: (side note, I don't think i have ever seen this show)

My Favorite Place: Hawaii

Bad Habit: Not eating enough vegetables and eating to much other crap.

My First Job: The Hair Cuttery I was 14 I was the receptionist but basically ran that shop and the little old ladys still talk about me to this day.

What I'm doing right now: Working, are you surprised I have so much time on my hands?

Place I want to go: Switzerland

Alright so I pass this along to who ever is bored because it took a long time!


Jodi said...

Hi Tiffany, how are you? Hey my photography prices are on my blog at ayummylifephotography.blogspot.com

and my husband totally thinks you look familiar too but doesn't know where he knows you from. We've never lived on the East Coast. Are you from Utah at all?

jessica&john.com said...

Ah, I totally remember your dog puffy. uhallI want to try this:) I seriously can't believe how cute your little boy is. ADORABLE!!!!