Speaking of Quilts

So, my Brother is serving his mission in Detroit Michigan, and my sister who is an awesome cook sends him cookies and goodies all the time ( once a week) and then my Mom sends him great packages all the time as well. After I sent my lame-o packages of stuff I find in my house or stuff I find at the dollar store, I decided I needed to send him something meaningful and nice! So Chris and I starting working on a quilt for him and since its sooo cold in MI and I sew quilts all the sudden! Here is the almost finished quilt, the only thing missing from it is the white fabric squares that had a letter ( or picture if you crystal) on them from each sybling. I sewed the letters on the big squares. He is going to die when he sees this, because before he left I was not so domesticated, he was the one that sewed me a purse one year so he will be so excited to have a warm blanket full of notes and love from his family. I can't wait for his email that says he loves it!
Side note: I'm making another for my grandparents with notes from all the grandkids, Ill post pictures of that when its done. But if anyone wants a great gift for someone special and wants me to sew it and say you did it, let me know we'll talk.


Lori said...

Hey Tiff,
You are awesome and motivated!! Way to go!!!
Lori (your favorite cousin)

KyleandAmanda said...

I am so impressed by your new found talent! Your quilts look awesome! I need to find myself a talent!

Angela's Crazy Daily's said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! oh and about um you want a quilting project... i have one for ya!

Tamara Cobb said...

Can I claim the Grandparents quilt as mine???
And I don't know why you say I am Super Mom....I make cookies Tiff...put some flour and sugar, mix and stick in oven. I DO NOT create elaborate quilts. You whip up quilts like I whip up a batch of rolls....who is the
Super mom now????

Carole Ann & Jon said...

can i have your quilt tutorial. I have been wanting to make a quilt for a while but dont really know where to start. Email me some suggestions!! caroleann.bullough@gmail.com

I love your quilts!! Your my super model!

Anonymous said...

you should make a quilt for your hot sister. the oldest one.