This year I'm going to celebrate my friends and familys birthdays with a blog post.

I don't even know exactly how old any of them are but who is counting right.

Starting the year off is,

Joan is my step-mother-inlaw, so one of three moms basically. She is an amazing woman she brings so much love to the family. She is very family oriented and loves throwing parties and making sure everyone is taken care of and fed.

She's my favorite cousin, we used to have so many sleepovers and watch all the Doris Day movies and of course she introduced me to red cream soda, thanks for that. Recently we went to Disney Land with our other two little cousins, which was a fabulous time.

Tam is in blue, me with my pink coat and Lisa with the cheesy smile in the middle. I think this was Lisa's Birthday Party in 1991.

Ray and I met back Freshman year at Weber State, we meet because his friend John was dating my friend Amanda so eventually we became close friends.

Adventures with Ray consisted of many weekend parties at the Crazy Cabin, this is where I learned to "rough it" and pee over cabin ledges in silence, in the freezing cold under the stars. Actually from that day on Ray I can't pee now in public places unless its silent so I have to cover my ears if I hear anything. NO JOKE its the Cabin Curse. And of course he introduced Chris and I to Amelia.

Then ERICKA ASKERLUND MADISON( I think thats her married name)

So funny story I moved to Draper and didn't have any friends and one day in 4th Grade I grabbed what I thought was my back pack and headed for the bus when I went to find something in my bag I realized it wasn't my bag. I was looking for someone with the same bag as mine when I ran into Ericka who was caring my back pack looking for someone that had her matching bag. So we found each other and were friends ever since.

We went out and bought the same shirts in different colorsMy first time on four wheelers, not quite sure why we're holding Ericka she always knew she was a princess.

One adventure was going to Bear Lake when we were like 13 or 14 with my sisters and we meet these guys and we pretended to be 16. Which I don't know how they could have believed us but anyway we played along and took rides on their boat and hang out all day. Which looking back I can't believe we did that. But that was one of many things I can't believe we did.

Happy Birthday guys wish you the best, love you much.


KyleandAmanda said...

I need to do better about birthdays. I laughed so hard when I read your comment about the crazy cabin. I totally remember peeing off the porch. Fun times!

Brit said...

The picture with you girls with the ladder makes me laugh - you look like a wholesome individual :)