Road Trip

Mel (from work, coolest girl ever) moved to California for a new adventure (boo) so us girls at work decided we needed to squeeze in a road trip to Idaho before she moves. Boler ( favorite old boss, not her real name) moved to Idaho about a year ago so we drove on over to see her for a few days. Here are few pictures of our adventure!

Snake River, Angela and Mel thought they could float away on an ice berg!

Awww isn't she a doll

Cool pink car

So there is this junk yard full of cars and cool stuff in the cars we thought we could get some cool pictures with the antiques.

Ang found her yellow convirtable

Mel and Asher drivin the tracter

Cool tree, I love cool trees


Such farmers wives

Fort Hall Casino where we all lost basically, I don't know how people can sit and gamble all day its boring, it smells and my eyes hurt the whole time. But it was an adventure!

We're such dorks

I don't know what I was doing or who took this but man its ugly

It was really cold hence the acquired stance I have

That was awesome Gals can't wait to do it again


Angela's Crazy Daily's said...

I had a BLAST!!!!!!!!!! you guys are so much fun!!!!!!!!

Tamara Cobb said...

And all this time I thought I was the COOLEST GIRL EVER......Mel who??

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