February Birthdays

Well its a little late but it was Anna's Birthday on Valentines Day.

I meet Anna in the church hallway she saw that i was new and came over and talked to me and we were sisters every since.
This crazy girl has taken me with her around the world. We have the most random experiences much like the Cupcake post i did earlier. We do plan on "saving the world"one day, one person at a time.
I pulled out a few photos of our adventures some are blurry so sorry.
Spain was were we discovered nude beaches, believe it or not it actually took us while to notice it was a nude beach. This is Germany I think near Beethovens house or something, we did an exchange she stayed in a familys house for a week and i stayed in another. It was a blast, we stopped off in Iceland on our way there. Iceland is where we discovered people take advantage of foreigners. We were downtown and wanted to get back to the hotel and thought we took the right bus. The bus driver and us were the only ones on the bus and we swear we were going the wrong direction for quite a while and then the bus just stopped and the driver said something in Icelandic and then got off the bus. So we just laughed at looked at each other like WHAT! we got off the bus and tried to find people that spoke English so they could tell us what the crap was going on. Apparently the driver just took a coffee break and left us on the bus to wait for him.
Africa, is were met Hyme our tour guide, actually i dont think that was his name we just called him that. There we learned how good we actually have it. People were standing inlines to get water and their houses were small with dirt floors. It was quite the experience all the little kids were trying to sell us stuff. The tour guide told us not to buy anything because they think they don't have to go to school if they can sell stuff to tourists.
I think this is DC, us three were the 5'2 crew cause we all pretended to be 5'2 when i think we are only 5 feet 1.
Flash back photo of The CrewGeez that was a long post Anna hope you enjoyed, Happy Birthday thanks for all the good times, Let me know when you want to start saving the world!


Carole Ann & Jon said...

YEAH! i love those old pictures!! and I had no idea you had been all those placed.

Danny and Lauren's Blog said...

I am so glad I did not get cropped outta the last pic... since clearly I am not 5'2. =) I loved the anniversary post above. So darling and what a story!!! Xo, Lauren